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Post by Admin on Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:53 am

Rules for All Events

1. When more than one dog is in the same area all dogs must be on leash and muzzles must be worn

2. No dog is allowed to run off leash except when competing in events.

3. No bitches in season to be brought to an event.

4. No bitches in pup will compete.

5. No matings or puppy selling to take place.

6. Pick up after your dog has been to the toilet, bins will be provided for disposal.

7. Dogs that have never run 100 meters (excluding pups that have attended ACES days previously) will only run 50 meters.

8. If you borrow equipment and itís broken by yourself or your dog then you are liable to pay for a replacement, the best course of action on the days is to make sure you bring your own toys, muzzles, crates and pulling harnesses.

9. Owners that leave the days early are not entitled to collect awards at a later date.

10. Please park your car reasonably, do not block other cars in, if parking is tight please come and get a member of the team and they will assist you in finding a car parking space.

11. We reserve the right to disallow a dogs entry to the days if it is known to be aggressive towards people (Unless the owner agrees to muzzle said dog or use an appropriate crate).

12. Prohibited substances will not be allowed at these events

13. Have fun, be safe and if you ever have a question or concern please ask.

14. We reserve the right to update these rules at any point



We recommend to get the best performance from your dog/dogs...
you bring a crate for each dog, having a crate for your dog can help in so many positive ways.
crating your dog will stop him/her from burning up unnecessary energy as he/she will be relaxed and ready for action if left nice and relaxed, excited dogs without crates can burn up a lot of energy ether by pulling on the leash to get to another dog or simply due to the excitement of the day, we recommend to get the best performance from your dog you keep him/her as calm as possible before competing.

These events are friendly competitions run by a friendly group of people and we are happy for anybody to join in. We welcome new people coming and having a go, we offer encouragement and will help you and your dog get the most out of the K9 events as well as helping you participate in many other activities with your canine friend.

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Post by themaverick on Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:05 pm

im fairly new to all this crack..just wondering can anyone enlighten me to the rules of hang tuff ,or the tug of i would like to do some challenges with Fudge, but not sure were to start.. any input appreciated xx

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