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check this out??

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check this out??   Empty check this out??

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:21 pm

Was watxhing crufrs last night and see there was an event canix donno if any of you guys seen it but what canix combines is human crosscountry running/ mountain biking with dogs.
if your into keeping your self fit and into dogs too this might be for you? Basicly tou and yous dog compete over a 2k crosscountry course, your dog is connected to you (sorry you connected to him lol) by a waist belt with a bungie type lead so it fres up your hanss (with a quick release for emergencies) connested to a harness in sure some digree of obediance traning is required .

For people that dont wanna compete if would be a fun way to exercise both for you and your dog.

Just thought id shear this with yous


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