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war wounds!

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war wounds! Empty war wounds!

Post by celticpitbulls on Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:43 pm

Ok guys I was thinking about all the times I've being battered and nearly killed by my dogs.. I'm sure the same things has happened to anyone that owned or owns a bull breed.

I'll start off with the 1 were you both or in my case have 3 dogs asleep beside you and 1 decides to start barking then out if the blue you get the worse loaf in the nose off a brick head brining tears to your eyes like a lil baby.

Another 1 I remember was when you'd be playing with a ball or flirt pole and before you no it you've been knocked down like a bowling pin.. Wam bam before you know it lol

Recently I was on a walk with molly and what do you know im dragged and dragged because she wanted to be first and I end up like forest gump lol

Even when im out on the push bike I've nearly ended up in peoples gardens lol
i could go on and on ever wright a book with the situations I've been in i think i should get ensured..

im sure some of you would have similar stories id love ti hear them.

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