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Dogs In The U.S.

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Dogs In The U.S. Empty Dogs In The U.S.

Post by PoeticJustice on Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:08 pm

I am new the forum. I had an original post that was deleted by the moderator and I rewrote the whole thing sticking to the rules of the board. Announcing IN BOLD PRINT NOTHING FOR SALE. tHE Header of THIS forum is as follows. "There is no Discrimination in our Association & We Welcome all Types Of Breeds. We Have Topics Relating To Child and Dog Safety, Responsible Dog Ownership, Training And Behavior, Sporting Events & Socializing Pack Walks." Im only trying to share some history and spark some interesting conversation. Again my post has been deleted and Im wondering why im not being allowed to show pics and peds of my Dogs. They have a lot of history based here in Ireland and they are beautiful dogs IMO. Is it a problem that Im not there in Ireland? Is there a problem with the line i prefer? im just wondering what the problem is. Thank you. :-)


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Dogs In The U.S. Empty Re: Dogs In The U.S.

Post by celticpitbulls on Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:15 pm

yes after discussing with the admins we all agreed the post was not suitable for the forum, we have no problems with you asking a question about bloodlines etc, as we don't allow the sale studding or breeding here due to the problems we have in pounds and shelters we felt that even though you did not say anything about it you did post pictures of pups you have bred making it knowing to members that you are a breeder, we have no problem with you or what you do but our forum is a little different then most, also we had a problem with some of the puppy pics you posted that had logging chains attached to them, this is not the image we want to portray of the breed here on the forum or in Ireland, although you live in the US and feel maybe that because you are a far distance away and there would be no way any1 could buy from you the problem we have with this also is that if we allow people to do this from other country's then we would have members giving out to us about no allowing them, i hope you can understand our reasons for this, as i said you are more than welcome to post and ask about the bloodlines etc.

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